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About Us

The Union of Industry Actors for the Valorisation of Hemp Extracts or l’Union des industriels pour la valorisation des extraits de chanvre (UIVEC) brings together industrial and economic actors interested in the use of hemp extracts.


The organisation regroups the entire value chain of the hemp extract industry, from production to distribution of finished products, including processing, consulting services and analytical activities.


Our union exists to support the development of the hemp extract industry in its various areas (food products, cosmetics, pet food, etc.) and aid in the structuring of this sector. 


UIVEC represents and is the voice of the professionals in the cannabinoids industry and works to ensure the safety and quality of products for consumers.

Our Scope of Action

Scope of Action

  • Natural hemp extracts

  • The multitude of uses and categories of finished products:

Raw materials


(Hemp extracts)


Food supplements


Pet Food

Prescription drugs

Outside our scope

  • Synthetic cannabinoids

  • Straw and seed processing

  • Tobacco products and other products intended for smoking

  • Recreational cannabis and narcotic products that do not comply with the thresholds provided by regulators

Our History

The origin of the Union of Industry Actors for the Valorisation of Hemp Extracts (UIVEC) started with two observations on the subject of the hemp industry in France: 

On one hand, there is France's delay in the sector of various hemp extracts derived from the hemp plant, and primarily cannabidiol. This delay is seen in three areas in particular: regulatory, economic, and representation.


On the other hand, there is a desire, expressed by public authorities, to move forward with the establishment of regulations favourable to the opening of the hemp extract market in France.Since the legal precedent set by the Court of Justice of the European Union in the Kanavape case, French administrations began revising the regulation on hemp and CBD, in order to comply with European legislation and develop French law.


From these revisions, along with contributions from UIVEC, a first step was taken with the publication of the order of December 30, 2021. This order authorises and regulates hemp extracts in France, thus marking the official opening of a promising new sector in France, both economically and ecologically speaking. Since then, there has been the Decision of December 29, 2022, which annulled the banning of hemp flowers and leaves. The Union is continuing to work with authorities on the new decree that fills in any blanks left by this decision.

The Need for Regulation of the Future Market 

The market for legal molecules extracted from hemp, and especially the CBD market, is experiencing significant growth internationally, especially in the consumer products sector (cosmetics, human and animal nutrition, etc.). In France, numerous products containing CBD are already being marketed within a sometimes ambiguous regulatory framework, penalising both the many French economic and industrial stakeholders who wish to invest in this sector, as well as consumers for whom neither product quality nor traceability are guaranteed.


This is the main mission of UIVEC: to be a proactive force in developing and sustainably regulating the hemp extract market in France. Most recently, UIVEC worked with the French authorities to establish clear rules for CBD products in France, including CBD food supplements, which can now be declared on the national portal. We continue to have exchanges with the authorities at both the French and European level to establish a specific set of rules and recommendations to ensure product safety and good market growth.

Our Mission


And regulate the hemp extract market, all while guaranteeing product quality for the consumers.


The economic interests of the industry and economic actors in the sector.


And reinforce the ecosystem of actors in the hemp extract sector in France and abroad.


stakeholders on the different areas (economic, scientific…) of the sector. 

Our Members and Partners:

*non-exhaustive list

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logo Nutrikéo
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The Structure of the Sector

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A French Industry with Potential

1 billion

 euros of market potential in France

Estimated market size of CBD-containing products (excluding smoking flowers) by 2025, granted regulations are adapted to the realities of the market in France

+ 70 %

market share for CBD food products

CBD food products exist in many forms (oils, dietary supplements...)

10 %

market share for CBD cosmetics


They exist in many forms (oils, balms, creams...). We can foresee a significant added value for cosmetics containing extracts of hemp made in France 

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